598 Racer Series SR20


Block– Dart Big “M” 9.800 Deck .903 Lifter Bore

Crankshaft– Callies  4.500 StrokeRacer Series transparent

Rods– Manley 6.385 with ARP 2000 bolts

Pistons- Wiseco SR20 custom pistons

Bearings- Clevite H series Berings

Rings- Total Seal Molly

Timing set– Cloyes Chain

Balancer– ATI 7” Internal Balance

CamComp Cams custom Roller

Lifters- Crower .903

Pushrods- Trend 7/16

Rocker arms- T&D Shaft mounted

Oil pump- Moroso Billet

Oil pan– Moroso kick out Steel

Cylinder Heads- Brodix SR20 CNC Ported with 2.400/ 1.800 Stainless valves, Titanium retainers and PSI Triple springs

Intake Manifold- Edelbrock SV565

Carburetor- APD Billet 1250

Ignition- MSD Distributor ,MSD crank Trigger, MSD Wires

Vacuum Pump- Moroso 22640

Starter- HOP Select

Flex plate- 168 Tooth Internal Balance SFI




Completely Assembled And Dyno-ed




Titanium Intake Valves $675

CV Belt Drive $750