The Race Winning Combination

Take your racing program to the next level with Nesbitt Performance Engines. With our in-house development race team we know what it takes to have race winning performance and reliability in an extremely aggressive and brutal operating environment.

Our Champion Series Vs. Racer Series

Whether you choose the Champion Series Engine or a Racer Series Engine, you’re choosing a winner!  Our Champion Series uses the most robust components and internals that money can buy.  The Champion Series is the perfect choice for those pushing the limits and chasing points, racing every week. Our Racer Series are for those that require a consistent and reliable engine, a dependable engine that they can count on for the more budget minded.

Nesbitt Performance Engines
  Horsepower You Can Count On

Nesbitt Performance Engines

It’s About Engineering And Win Lights

It's about Metallurgy

As engineers, we understand that metallurgy impacts success and failure. Stretch, embrittlement, ductility and hardness are critical factors in building a battle hardened racing engine.


It's About Tolerances

It’s not as simple as knowing a given tolerance but understanding the tolerance stack of accumulated variations.  High RPM engines require tight control of tolerances and calculating tolerance stacks.

It's About Meticulous Craftsmanship

From initial design and specification through dyno and packaging for shipment, we are serious about our business, we use the finest materials, hardware, lubricants, seals, gaskets and purchased components to build an engine, so that we can put our name on it.

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